June 2024

Dr Colette Mazzucelli

Global Influencer Dr Colette Mazzucelli: Brooklyn’s Gift to the World

Colette Mazzucelli is a respected professor at New York University (NYU), celebrated for her groundbreaking work in international relations, conflict resolution, and the use of technology in education. Her multifaceted career has significantly impacted academia and policy. Previously, our website provided information about universities and colleges in New York. Along with this informative content, we recognized that some […]

How many Regents needed to graduate

How many Regents needed to graduate: Know About All Subjects

Graduating from high school in New York State involves meeting specific requirements, including passing several Regents Exams. This article provides a detailed guide on how many Regents Regents needed to graduate, subject-specific requirements, and answers to common questions related to Regents Exams. For graduation in New York State, either a Regents Standard Diploma or a

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