Global Influencer Dr Colette Mazzucelli: Brooklyn’s Gift to the World

Dr Colette Mazzucelli

Colette Mazzucelli is a respected professor at New York University (NYU), celebrated for her groundbreaking work in international relations, conflict resolution, and the use of technology in education. Her multifaceted career has significantly impacted academia and policy.

Previously, our website provided information about universities and colleges in New York. Along with this informative content, we recognized that some professors in New York have made significant contributions to the field of education. Therefore, today we will give you detailed information about one such esteemed professor,  Dr Colette Mazzucelli.

Early Life of Colette Mazzucelli

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Colette Mazzucelli was born on November 26, 1962, in Brooklyn, New York, to parents Silvio Anthony Mazzucelli and Adeline Maria DePonte Mazzucelli. Her early life was shaped by her parents, who placed a strong emphasis on education despite facing financial challenges. This focus on education played a significant role in her development and academic achievements.

Mazzucelli attended Notre Dame Academy of Staten Island, a well-known high school on Staten Island, recognized for its strong academic and arts programs. Notre Dame Academy of Staten Island, located at 134 Howard Avenue, Staten Island, NY, offers a diverse range of courses and extracurricular activities, providing students with numerous opportunities to explore their interests and talents. Mazzucelli earned her Regent’s Diploma in 1980 with Honors.

Early life of professor Colette Mazzucelli

When she was a young girl in Brooklyn searching for the perfect undergraduate college, Colette’s parents, Silvio Anthony Mazzucelli and Adeline Maria DePonte Mazzucelli were initially hesitant about their only daughter moving from Brooklyn to Scranton. However, during their visit to the University of Scranton, they met Michael D. DeMichele, Ph.D., the chair of the Department of History. Sensing their concerns, Dr. DeMichele reassured Colette’s parents by addressing their anxieties directly.1

Soon after, the Mazzucellis became enthusiastic supporters of Colette’s decision to study at the University of Scranton. Dr. DeMichele became a significant mentor for Colette, taking a keen interest in her academic goals and personal well-being. He regularly communicated with her parents, thereby ensuring Silvio and Adeline that Colette was thriving in her new environment. Their support helped pave the way for her future academic and professional successes.

This combination of a supportive high school environment and a nurturing college experience under the mentorship of Dr. DeMichele played a crucial role in shaping Colette Mazzucelli’s future career in higher education and international diplomacy.

Educational Background

Colette Mazzucelli is a respected academic and author known for her contributions to international relations and conflict resolution. Her dedication to education and her innovative pedagogical approaches have earned Colette significant recognition in her field.

Mazzucelli’s educational journey began with a strong foundation in history, philosophy, and modern languages (French and Italian), which she pursued with unwavering commitment. She has been a key figure in bridging the gap between traditional education and modern technological advancements, thereby making progressive strides in technology-mediated learning and international education initiatives.

Notre Dame Academy of Staten Island (Before 1980)

  • Description: Colette Mazzucelli began her educational journey on Staten Island, New York, where she attended Notre Dame Academy High School. Known for its strong academic programs and vibrant community, NDA provided Mazzucelli with a robust foundation in various subjects, including history and languages. She graduated with a Regent’s Diploma, showcasing her academic excellence and readiness for higher education.

University of Scranton (1980-1983)

  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History and Philosophy, minor in Modern Languages
  • Description: Mazzucelli graduated magna cum laude from the University of Scranton in 1983. Her undergraduate studies provided Collete with a broad foundation in historical and philosophical analysis, complemented by proficiency in modern languages. This comprehensive education laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in international relations and diplomacy.

Fribourg, Switzerland (1984-85)

  • Program: Institute of International Education (IIE) Swiss Universities Grant
  • Description: In 1984, Mazzucelli received an IIE Swiss Universities Grant, thereby enabling her to research Swiss history and international law at the University of Fribourg. This opportunity allowed Colette to understand European legal systems and historical contexts, which enriches her perspectives on global affairs to this day.

The Fletcher School, Tufts University (1985-1987)

  • Degree: Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD)
  • Description: Mazzucelli enrolled in the MALD program at The Fletcher School, where she specialized in Law and Diplomacy. Her coursework included electives at Harvard University’s Center for European Studies with the late Professor Stanley Hoffman on French politics and society as well as ethics and international affairs. This period was pivotal in shaping her analytical skills and her approach to conflict resolution.

Georgetown University (1989-1996)

  • Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Comparative Government.
  • Description: Mazzucelli began her PhD studies at Georgetown University in 1989, focusing on Comparative Government. As a doctoral student, she engaged in significant research and held positions at The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Her dissertation, which explored French and German diplomacy throughout intergovernmental conference negotiations, led to her first book, “France and Germany at Maastricht Politics and Negotiations to Create the European Union,” published in 1997.

Teachers College, Columbia University (2002-2004)

  • Degree: Master of Education (EdM)
  • Description: At Columbia University’s Teachers College, Mazzucelli earned a Master of Education (EdM) while working as a Program Development Associate.
  • She was instrumental in creating local, national, and global programs in corporate training and intergenerational learning, thereby furthering her impact on education through innovative approaches.

Throughout her academic career, Colette Mazzucelli has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and innovation in education. Her achievements reflect a blend of rigorous scholarship, practical experience, and a visionary approach to learning and teaching in the global context.

Professional Career

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli began her professional career while still pursuing her education, gradually advancing through various academic and professional roles. Below is a year-by-year account of her professional journey, including her positions, training, fellowships, and current engagements.

Early Career (1989-1997)

  • 1989-1990: The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
    • Role: Research Assistant
    • Description: Mazzucelli worked for Xichang Zhang in the West European Studies Program, Giulietto Chiesa at the Kennan Institute, and Reinhardt Rummel in the International Security Studies Program.
  • 1991: Fulbright Scholarship
    • Role: Research Fellow
    • Location: Paris, France
    • Description: Conducted dissertation research on Franco-German relations and European integration at the Institute of Political Studies under the supervision of Alfred Grosser, Jean Klein, and Joseph Rovan.
  • 1992-1993: Bosch Fellowship
    • Role: Fellow
    • Location: Bonn, Germany
    • Description:  Assigned to the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Economics to assist with the ratification of the Treaty on European Union (“Maastricht”). This experience provided deep insights into European Union politics and economic policies.
  • 1993-1994: United States Information Service (USIS)
    • Role: Speaker
    • Description: Engaged in speaking tours in France, Germany, and Poland while working at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the German Presidency of the European Union.
  • 1995-1997: Budapest University of Economic Sciences and BIGIS
    • Role: Visiting Lecturer and Director of International Programs
    • Description: Mazzucelli was responsible for initiating technology-mediated academic and public affairs programs. She became Director in December 1995, working to connect Hungarian graduate students with their counterparts in Western Europe and the United States.

Mid-Career (1997-2004)

  • 1997-1999: Arcadia University
    • Role: Founding Director and Assistant Professor
    • Description: Developed and directed the MA Program in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. She also fostered relationships with overseas sites in England and Spain.
  • 2000-2003: Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po)
    • Role: Chair and Founder
    • Description: Organized and taught the first graduate seminar via technology-mediated learning, the Transatlantic Internet Multimedia Seminar Southeastern Europe (TIMSSE) in the Institute’s history.
  • 2001: American Academy in Berlin
    • Role: Bosch Public Policy Fellow
    • Description: Implemented the project “Educational Diplomacy via the Internet,” focusing on Kosovo.
  • 2002-2004: Teachers College Columbia University
    • Role: Program Development Associate
    • Description: Assisted in creating local, national, and global programs in corporate training and intergenerational learning.
  • 2004-present: New York University
    • Role: Graduate Faculty Member
    • Description: Continues to teach and conduct research, contributing significantly to NYU’s academic community. Mazzucelli has been involved in pioneering initiatives in technology-mediated learning, including the engagement of NYU graduate candidates in the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Program under the auspices of the United States Department of State.

Recent Career (2005-present)

  • 2005-present: NYU SPS, GSAS, Steinhardt & Gallatin
    • Role: Graduate Faculty Member & Thesis Advisor
    • Description: Assigned responsibility to teach graduate courses in global affairs and international relations, implement a multi-year grant from the Robert Bosch Foundation, and supervise graduate theses research across Schools at New York University.
  • 2017-present: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) Advisory Board
    • Role: Board Member
    • Description: Appointed to the international advisory board (IAB) contributing her expertise in cultural diplomacy.
  • 2018-present: Global Listening Centre
    • Role: Director (Academic)
    • Description: Appointed to the Academic Division to focus on promoting global listening practices and intercultural understanding.
  • 2020-2022: Global Listening Centre
    • Role: Inaugural President (Academia)
    • Description: Led the Academic Division, thereby enhancing the Centre’s impact on global listening initiatives.
  • 2022-Present: LEAD IMPACT Reconciliation Institute
    • Role: Founder & Principal
    • Description: Established initiatives in strategic philanthropy and transcontinental migration. Key projects included funding the restoration of Dar Al-Tifel School in East Jerusalem and the creation of a learning program for Brazilian refugees at the University of Cagliari in Sardinia.
  • 2023-24: ACT-UAW Local 7902
    • Role: 2nd Vice President and Steward
    • Description: Elected to serve adjunct faculty at New York University, advocating for Bylaws revisions and membership benefits, including technology funds and TIAA contributions.

Throughout her career, Dr. Mazzucelli has demonstrated a profound commitment to education and diplomacy by contributing to academic and global communities through her innovative approaches and leadership roles.

Dr Mazzucelli second LEAD IMPACT philanthropic campaign

Haitham Shtaieh FMP and Jamal Al Aref meet with the Chairwoman of the Dar Al Tifil School as the second LEAD IMPACT philanthropic campaign achieves its goal to contribute thousands of dollars to restore areas of the School in disrepair.

Awards and Honors

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli has been recognized numerous times for her contributions to education, international relations, and conflict resolution. Here is a detailed account of awards and honors she has received throughout her long career as well as a list of the institutions that bestowed these honors, including the significance of each award.

Institute of International Education (IIE) Swiss Universities Grant

  • Institution: Institute of International Education (IIE)
  • Date: 1984
  • Significance: This grant supported her research in Swiss history and international law at the University of Fribourg, which helped shape her early academic career.

Fulbright Scholarship

  • Institution: Fulbright Program, United States Department of State
  • Date: 1991
  • Significance: The Fulbright Scholarship is a prestigious award that supports academic exchange and research. Dr. Mazzucelli used this scholarship to conduct her dissertation research in Paris, focusing on Franco-German relations and European integration.2

Bosch Fellowship

  • Institution: Robert Bosch Stiftung
  • Date: 1992-1993
  • Significance: This fellowship allowed Dr. Mazzucelli to work at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Economics in Bonn, Germany assisting with the ratification of the Treaty on European Union in the Bundesrat and Bundestag.  It provided her with invaluable experience in European Union politics and policy-making..

Salzburg Global Seminar Fellowship

  • Institution: Salzburg Global Seminar
  • Date: 1997
  • Significance: Invited as a fellow, her work was recognized and cited in the Seminar’s reading list. The fellowship highlighted her contributions to European integration studies.

American Academy in Berlin – Bosch Public Policy Fellowship

  • Institution: American Academy in Berlin
  • Date: 2001
  • Significance: This fellowship supported her project on “Educational Diplomacy via the Internet,” which focused on defining American interests within a transatlantic policy dialogue on Kosovo.

NYU SPS Excellence in Teaching Award

  • Institution: New York University School of Professional Studies
  • Date: 2013
  • Significance: This award recognizes exceptional teaching and commitment to student learning at NYU. Dr Mazzucelli was honored for her innovative teaching methods and significant contributions to the academic community.3

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) Advisory Board

  • Institution: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)
  • Date: 2017
  • Significance: Her appointment to the advisory board of the ICD underscored her influence and expertise in cultural diplomacy.

Director (Academia), Global Listening Centre

  • Institution: Global Listening Centre
  • Date: 2018-present
  • Significance: This role recognized her contributions to the field of global listening and her efforts to integrate listening practices into academic and diplomatic settings.

Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Institution: Marquis Who’s Who
  • Date: 2019
  • Significance: This prestigious award honors individuals who have achieved influence through contributions to society in their respective fields and have a significant record of accomplishment. Dr. Mazzucelli was recognized for her extensive contributions to education, international relations, and conflict resolution, thereby reflecting her dedication and impact throughout her career.4

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli Received the “Pioneers of Pioneer” Award

In 2022, Dr. Colette Mazzucelli was honored with the “Pioneers of Pioneer” award by Pioneer Academics. This recognition celebrates her exceptional mentorship and contributions to the Pioneer Research Program since 2014.

Dr Colette Mazzucelli Receives Pioneers of Pioneer Award

The award acknowledges Dr. Mazzucelli’s dedication to fostering academic growth and guiding students in their research endeavors. Her commitment has significantly impacted the academic community, making her a well-deserved recipient of this prestigious accolade.

Loren & Rose Transatlantic Screening

On July 19, 2023, NYU faculty and friends gathered at The Algonquin Hotel’s Round Table to enjoy lunch following the transatlantic screening (New York-Berlin) of the film “Loren & Rose.” This event was graced by the presence of Director Anthony Avellino, providing a perfect blend of intellectual discussion and cinematic appreciation. The photo captures the camaraderie and shared enthusiasm among the attendees, which reflects their on-going commitment to cultural and educational exchanges.5

The Story of Colette Mazzucelli
Image Source: Lead Impact Institute

In this image, Dr Colette Mazzucelli can be seen with her colleagues, enjoying a moment of relaxation and connection after the insightful screening. Such events highlight her active engagement in cultural initiatives and her dedication to fostering a collaborative academic community.

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s career is marked by numerous accolades that highlight a longstanding dedication to education, international diplomacy, and innovative teaching methods. These honors reflect her influence and contributions to diverse academic and professional fields.

Other Academic Positions

In addition to her role at NYU, Dr. Mazzucelli is actively involved with several other institutions:

  • School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University: Term Faculty Member (2005-06); Recipient of the Monsignor Robert Sheeran Pirate of the Year Award for servant leadership and undergraduate teaching excellence in the Seton Hall University community.
  • Pioneer Academics: Research mentor for international high school students aspiring to enroll in prestigious colleges and universities in North America.

Major Contributions

Dr. Mazzucelli has made significant contributions through her publications and research, particularly in European integration and transatlantic security policy. In addition, she is the Editor for the Anthem Press Ethics of Personal Data Collection Series.

Selected Publications

European Integration2000History of EU’s Intergovernmental Diplomacy
Transatlantic Security Policy2005Analysis of security dynamics between Europe and the US
Ethics of Personal Data Collection2018Ethical implications of data collection

Research Interests

  • European Integration
  • Transatlantic Security Policy
  • Technology in Global Education

Innovative Teaching Methods

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli is renowned for her innovative teaching methods, which integrate technology and interdisciplinary approaches to enhance student learning and engagement. Here are some of the key innovative teaching strategies she has employed:

  1. Technology-Mediated Learning:
      • Dr. Mazzucelli has been a pioneer in utilizing technology to facilitate learning, especially in international contexts. As Director, International Programs, she organized and directed technology-mediated program events connecting Hungarian candidates at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences with their counterparts in Western Europe and North America during 1995-97. One of these initiatives connected Budapest (University of Economic Sciences), Brussels (Free University of Brussels), and New York (Robert F. Wagner School, New York University) in a continuous six (6)-hour ISDN videoconference, which included a presentation by the former Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Géza Jeszenszky. This approach allowed students from different continents across the Continent to engage with complex subjects through a virtual classroom environment, thereby fostering a global perspective.
  2. Transatlantic Internet Multimedia Seminar (TIMSSE):
    • From 2000 to 2003, Dr. Mazzucelli organized and taught the first graduate seminar offered via technology-mediated learning in the history of Sciences Po Paris. This seminar, known as TIMSSE, engaged students across several continents, thereby promoting collaborative learning and cross-cultural dialogue. (( Reference: She The People ))
  3. Interdisciplinary Approach:
    • Colette’s teaching often involves an interdisciplinary approach combining elements of history, political science, international relations, and ethics. This method helps students understand the interconnectedness of different fields and apply a holistic view to their studies.
  4. Experiential Learning:
    • Dr. Mazzucelli emphasizes experiential learning, thereby encouraging students to engage with real-world issues through projects, simulations, and interactive discussions. This hands-on approach helps students develop practical skills and a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts.
  5. Flipped Classroom:
    • Colette employs the flipped classroom model in which students are required to review lecture materials and readings before class. Classroom time is then dedicated to discussions, problem-solving, and application of knowledge, thereby making the learning process more interactive and student-centered.
  6. Blended Learning:
    • Blending traditional face-to-face instruction with online components, Dr. Mazzucelli’s courses often feature a mix of in-person lectures, online discussions, and digital resources. This model caters to diverse learning styles and provides flexibility for students.

Dr. Mazzucelli’s innovative teaching methods have significantly contributed to her reputation as an influential educator who facilitates an enriching learning environment that prepares students for the complexities of a 21st century globalized world.

Global Recognition and Fellowships

Dr. Mazzucelli’s contributions have been recognized globally through numerous appointments, fellowships, and awards, including:

  • IIE Scholarships:  Fostering her journey in intercultural exchange as an undergraduate, dissertation candidate, and university professor.
  • Bosch Fellowships: Honoring her dedication to conflict resolution and peace education.
  • BMW Foundation Community: Acknowledging her leadership as a Responsible Leader in global education.

Selected Fellowships

Rotary Foundation

German Foreign Office

American Academy in Berlin

Ambassadorial Scholarship

Bosch Fellowship

Bosch Public Policy Fellowship





Seton Hall University

BMW Foundation

Monsignor Robert Sheeran Servant Leadership Award

Responsible Leader




Pioneer Academics

New York University

 Pioneer of Pioneers Award

20 years in Graduate Faculty





Personal Insights and Philosophy

Dr. Mazzucelli’s educational philosophy emphasizes the integration of technology and traditional teaching methods. She believes in creating dynamic and inclusive learning environments that inspire students to think critically and globally.

Notable Quotes

  • “Education is the foundation for building peace and understanding in our increasingly interconnected world.”
  • “Technology, when used effectively, can bridge gaps and bring people together beyond borders.”

Media Appearances

Dr Colette Mazzucelli Discusses the Role of Education in Countering Radicalization

Published: 04 Oct 2020

In an article by The Peninsula, Dr Colette Mazzucelli, a Senior Vice President at the Global Listening Centre and Professor at New York University, was featured as a key speaker in an online session hosted by Hamad Bin Khalifa University. The event, part of Global Goals Week, was titled “Educate to Eradicate: Extremism – What’s Next in a Post-COVID-19 Reality?” and focused on the crucial role of education in combating extremism.

Dr. Mazzucelli, along with other international experts, emphasized how universities can implement effective policies to prevent student radicalization. Her contributions highlighted the importance of education in promoting global peace and preventing violent extremism, showcasing her commitment and extensive experience in international relations and conflict resolution.6

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli Honored by 24-7 Press Release for Contributions to Education and Diplomacy

Published: On October 20, 2016

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli was recognized by 24-7 Press Release for her significant contributions to education and diplomacy. An award-winning author and educator, Dr. Mazzucelli has engaged NYU P2P Teams and hosted International Visitor Leadership Programs at NYU New York.

She has been a Founding Cabinet Member of the World Peace and Diplomacy Forum, a Member of the UN Chronicle’s Advisory Group, and a Public Affairs Speaker at the Molloy Institute for Lifelong Learning.7

Washington Square News Publish – Art as Catalyst for Social Change

Published: On April 18, 2016

Washington Square News NYU highlighted Dr. Colette

Washington Square News NYU highlighted Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s pivotal role in fostering awareness and action amidst the Syrian refugee crisis. The article underlined her leadership during NYU’s Syrian Refugee Awareness Week when she and her students orchestrated a poignant installation in Washington Square Park.

Through her course “Radicalization and Religion,” Dr. Mazzucelli effectively merged academia with activism, thereby creating a memorial space that symbolically traced the timeline of the crisis and honored its victims with candles. Her initiative underscored the power of art in driving social dialogue and exemplified her commitment to nurturing engaged citizenship and fostering critical reflections on global humanitarian issues.8

Mentioned by the Times of India

Published: On July 29, 2012

Dr. Mazzucelli has been featured in the Times of India, where her contributions to international relations and her innovative use of technology in education were discussed. The article highlighted her impact on global education and her role in various international initiatives.9

Mentioned by She the People

Published: On December 30, 2019

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli was featured in an article on SheThePeople for her pioneering work in technology-mediated learning. The article highlighted her 25+ years of experience teaching students globally, her role as Senior Vice President (Academia) at the Global Listening Centre, and her receipt of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.10

Online Presence

Dr. Mazzucelli’s online presence is widely recognized. A simple Google search reveals numerous websites and social platforms featuring her profiles and articles. Below, we provide details of some key websites where you can find information about her and directly contact her.

  1. Facebook: Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s Facebook profile
  2. LinkedIn: Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s LinkedIn profile
  3. Twitter: Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s Twitter handle
  4. Instagram: Dr. Colette Mazzucelli Instagram
  5. Youtube:  Dr Colette Mazzucelli Youtube Channel
  6. ResearchGate: Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s ResearchGate profile
  7. Personal Website: Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s website
  8. New York University Faculty Profile: Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s NYU Faculty Profile
  9. Wikipedia: Dr Colette Mazzucelli Wikipedia Profile

These links direct you to Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s profiles on official NYU websites and other platforms where her academic and professional information is available.

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli’s Impact on Students and the Community

Dr. Colette Mazzucelli has profoundly impacted her students and the broader community through her innovative teaching methods, leadership in academic programs, and contributions to global peace and conflict resolution initiatives.

Here are ten key influences in global education and community engagement:

  1. Innovative Teaching Approaches: Dr. Mazzucelli utilizes technology to enhance learning, including integrating crisis mapping and multimedia seminars. Her use of real-time data and interactive platforms has revolutionized the educational experience, making it more dynamic and engaging for students.12
  2. Global Peace and Conflict Resolution: Her work at Sciences Po and other institutions involves teaching and researching peace and conflict resolution, influencing students worldwide and contributing to international peace efforts. (( WHERS ))
  3. Mentorship and Student Support: As a faculty advisor for programs like the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship and Hofstra University’s Model United Nations team, Dr. Mazzucelli has provided invaluable guidance and support to aspiring leaders, fostering their academic and professional growth. (( WHERS ))
  4. Program Development: At Arcadia University, she established the Master of Arts in International Peace and Conflict Resolution program, significantly shaping the curriculum and creating opportunities for students to engage in practical, real-world applications of their studies. (( WHERS ))
  5. Technological Integration in Education: Her leadership in technology-mediated learning, including crisis mapping presentations and online courses, has set new standards for how technology can be used to teach complex subjects effectively.​13
  6. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Dr. Mazzucelli’s work with diverse teams, such as those at Ushahidi, emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, combining knowledge from various fields to address global challenges. (( Ushahidi ))
  7. Community Engagement: Through her involvement in programs like the JFEW-SUNY seminar presentations, Dr. Mazzucelli has engaged with broader communities, discussing the role of higher education in international affairs and the impact of social media on world events​. (( WHERS ))

These influences highlight Dr. Mazzucelli’s dedication to advancing education, supporting students, and contributing to global peace and conflict resolution. Her innovative methods and commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration continue to inspire and influence the academic community and beyond.

Future Goals and Vision: In Their Own Words

Professor Colette Mazzucelli aims to engage in partnerships with colleagues who plan educational and film projects in France. These projects are intended to complement initiatives in LEAD IMPACT, which Colette established to innovate in learning across continents.

As Series Editor for Anthem Press, her goal is to double the number of volumes published in the Ethics of Personal Data Collection Series from five (5) to ten (10) by 2026, including a monograph by Colette to elaborate on the concept of “integrative learning,” which she coined in 2023 to explain her pioneering efforts at the nexus of education, diplomacy, and technology.


Colette Mazzucelli’s career exemplifies dedication to education and diplomacy, shaping global perspectives through innovative teaching and scholarly contributions. Her influence extends across institutions and continents, inspiring students and colleagues alike to engage critically with international issues.


She received the NYU SPS Excellence in Teaching Award in 2013.

Her research interests include European integration, transatlantic security policy, and data ethics.

She is known for integrating technology into her teaching methods and facilitating global classrooms.

Yes, she has published several books on European integration and security policy.

Visit her official website at for more information.

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(Innovative Educator Colette Mazzucelli)

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website about Colette Mazzucelli is for informational purposes only. While we strive to present accurate and up-to-date information, we recommend verifying details directly with authoritative sources.

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