How to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree: Guide for 2024

How to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree

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An Honorary Doctorate Degree is a prestigious academic award bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions to a specific field, society, or culture. Unlike traditional doctoral degrees earned through coursework or research. In this article, we will tell you, how to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree, explore its nature, potential benefits, and acceptance speech example.

How to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree?

Getting an Honorary Doctorate Degree is a great honor. After getting it, you are considered a master of that field. Only then this degree is given to you. Our blog New York Universities discusses different types of universities and degrees. In our previous article, we told you how to become a bartender in New York. Similarly, today in this article we will tell you how to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree. So let’s start the article.

Before starting the article, let us tell you that getting an Honorary Doctorate Degree is not as easy as people think but it is not impossible either. To achieve this, you will have to set a target from the beginning and become a master in a particular field. Even after that, there are many such steps which if you follow then in the end you will get an Honorary Doctorate Degree.

We have answered the entire process of obtaining an Honorary Doctorate Degree as well as many other questions related to it. Some of those questions are written below.

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What is an Honorary Doctorate Degree?

An honorary doctorate degree is a special academic recognition conferred by a university or a degree-awarding institution, where they choose to waive the standard requirements that are typically associated with earning a degree.

This honorary degree, often referred to in Latin as honoris causa (“for the sake of the honour”) or ad honorem (“to the honour”), is usually granted in recognition of a person’s significant contributions to a particular field or society, even if the recipient has no prior affiliation with the academic institution or lacks previous higher education experience.

In some instances, this distinction is bestowed as a doctorate, commonly in fields like Business Administration, although it can also be awarded as a master’s degree. Essentially, an honorary doctorate is a symbolic gesture to acknowledge and honor an individual’s outstanding achievements and influence in a specific domain.

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What Can You Do with an Honorary Doctorate Degree?

An honorary doctorate doesn’t confer specific professional privileges, but it offers prestige and enhanced recognition. Some key points regarding what you can do with an honorary doctorate are as follows:

  1. Formal Recognition: It provides formal acknowledgment as an individual of high honor, symbolizing significant achievements and contributions.
  2. Title Usage: Granting the ability to use the title “doctor” after your name, adding an esteemed credential to your identity.
  3. Recognition Boost: The honorary doctorate brings recognition and attention, underscoring your noteworthy accomplishments and contributions.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Opens doors for networking by attracting attention, and providing opportunities to connect with influential individuals.
  5. Increased Invitations: This leads to increased invitations to events, conferences, and other gatherings, enhancing your visibility and influence.
  6. Prospective Enhancement: Expands your prospective outlook, encouraging deeper contemplation on personal and professional development.

How to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree: Complete Guide

How to Get an Honorary Doctorate Degree
How to Get an Honorary Doctorate Degree

How to Get an Honorary Doctorate Degree?

Achieving an Honorary Doctorate Degree is a recognition of exceptional accomplishments in intellectual, creative achievements, or outstanding leadership in education, business, or public service. To get an Honorary Doctorate Degree, creating a targeted plan is essential. Begin by mastering a specific field, and then follow these steps to increase your chances:

  1. Set Clear Goals: Define your objectives and the field in which you aspire to make significant contributions.
  2. Master a Specific Field: Acquire expertise in a particular field through education, experience, or both.
  3. Make Noteworthy Contributions: Stand out by making exceptional intellectual or creative contributions to your field.
  4. Leadership Development: Demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities in education, business, or public service.
  5. Contribute to Society: Engage in philanthropy, activism, or public service, making a tangible impact on society.
  6. Build a Solid Reputation: Establish yourself as a respected figure in your chosen field through publications, public speaking, or other notable achievements.
  7. Network with Influential Individuals: Attend conferences, join professional organizations, and build connections with influential figures who can contribute to your recognition.
  8. Financial Contributions: While not the primary criterion, consider contributing financially to institutions, aligning with the values and goals of the awarding institution.
  9. Adaptability and Flexibility: Be open to different reasons for the award, understanding that honorary doctorates are granted for various achievements.

All the points mentioned above do not guarantee that you will get an Honorary Doctorate Degree. But if you follow all these steps then there is a 99% chance of getting an Honorary Doctorate Degree.

How Can I Get an Honorary Doctorate in New York?

Understanding and obtaining an Honorary Doctorate Degree is not as straightforward as acquiring a normal cheap master’s degree in New York, which can be easily attained.

To obtain an Honorary Doctorate in New York, the process aligns with global standards, encompassing steps similar to those followed worldwide. However, there is an additional element in New York that necessitates strong support from the educational institution where you have achieved mastery in your specific field.

Here are the steps:

  1. Establish Mastery in Your Field:
    • Demonstrate exceptional accomplishments and contributions to your field, ensuring recognition for your expertise.
  2. Build Strong Connections:
    • Develop relationships with faculty, staff, and the principal of the university, college, or community college where you have pursued your studies in New York. Cultivate a favorable impression to gain their support.
  3. Secure Recommendations:
    • Obtain endorsements from key academic figures, showcasing your impact and influence in your particular area of expertise.
  4. Ensure Institutional Support:
    • Gain approval from the Board or the Executive Committee of the educational institution. This step is crucial as it involves the determination of the President or their designees to offer you the honorary degree.
  5. Accept the Offer:
    • Upon the institution’s decision to offer you the honorary degree, accept the terms of the offer to formalize the process.

It’s important to note that the support and recommendation of the educational institutions in New York play a pivotal role in the process of obtaining an Honorary Doctorate. Building strong relationships with the academic community and showcasing your mastery in the field are key steps to increase the likelihood of receiving this prestigious honor.

What is an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philanthropy and Humanitarianism?

An Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philanthropy and Humanitarianism is conferred as the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters (DHumLitt, DHL, or LHD). This prestigious honorary degree is granted to individuals or entities that have exceptionally distinguished themselves through noteworthy humanitarian and philanthropic contributions to society.

Serving as a formal recognition of outstanding achievement, this honorary doctorate acknowledges those who have made substantial and commendable contributions to their respective fields, emphasizing the significance of their impactful endeavors.

Can an Honorary Doctorate be Bought?

An Honorary Doctorate is not a commodity that can be bought. It is an award reserved for individuals highly regarded in their respective fields and who contribute significantly to societal welfare. If it were available for purchase, it would likely be owned by every affluent individual.

But, the acquisition of an honorary doctorate is not through monetary transactions. Those involved in selecting recipients for such awards may offer guidance on donating, but it is advisory, and no one can compel you to do so.

Where Can I Buy an Honorary Doctorate Degree?

While the paragraph above emphasizes that an honorary doctorate is not a commodity for sale and should be earned through notable contributions and achievements, it does acknowledge that in some cases, individuals with favorable financial conditions who make substantial donations and contribute significantly to society may receive this award.

However, it explicitly mentions that one cannot directly purchase an honorary doctorate. The process involves genuine recognition of one’s positive impact and dedication to a cause rather than a direct financial transaction for the award.

Acceptance Speech for Honorary Doctorate Degree.

Whenever someone receives an Honorary Doctorate Degree, he gets a chance to give a speech for some time and this speech is the experience of his entire life. Listening to this has a great impact on our hearts and provides motivation. Therefore this Honorary Doctorate Degree Acceptance Speech is very beneficial for us. Below we have written Jason Mohammed’s acceptance speech which he gave while receiving the Honorary Doctorate Degree.

Jason Mohammad's Honorary Doctorate Acceptance Speech
Jason Mohammad’s Honorary Doctorate Acceptance Speech

Jason Mohammad’s Honorary Doctorate Acceptance Speech Tuesday 19 July 2022.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I stand before you today deeply humbled and honored to accept this prestigious Honorary Doctorate from Cardiff Metropolitan University. It is a momentous occasion, and I am genuinely touched by the recognition bestowed upon me.

As many of you know, my journey has taken me far and wide, reporting and presenting on television and radio across the globe. Yet, no matter where I go, my heart remains firmly rooted in Caerau, Ely, and Cardiff. These places hold a special significance for me, shaping who I am and guiding my path.

Today, as I set foot in the Wales Millennium Centre to receive this Doctorate, my heart swells with pride. The journey to this moment has been filled with challenges and triumphs, and today’s honor is a testament to the resilience and dedication that has brought me here.

To the graduates, congratulations! Your achievements today were nothing short of fantastic. Ceremonies like this are not only a celebration of individual accomplishments but also a wellspring of inspiration. In Welsh, we have a phrase that encapsulates the emotions of today—Codi Calon, lifting the heart.

In my acceptance speech, I reflected on the wise words of Ali—speaking of both skill and will. It is a reminder that we should never underestimate the potential of individuals from backgrounds like ours. Never write people off, for we, indeed, come back stronger.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt thanks—Diolch o galon. Thank you for this honor, and may your paths be blessed.



Achieving an Honorary Doctorate is a distinguished accomplishment that requires dedication, significant contributions to a field, and a positive impact on society. While the process may vary, the common thread lies in one’s commitment to excellence and service.


Institutions have their own selection processes, often considering an individual's impact on society, achievements, and contributions to their respective fields.

Yes, honorary doctorates are generally recognized worldwide and carry prestige similar to traditional academic degrees.

Yes, you can use the title informally, but it's not equivalent to a traditional doctoral degree in terms of academic qualifications.

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(How to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree)

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is for general informational purposes only. Readers are encouraged to seek appropriate guidance and conduct further research based on their individual needs and circumstances. 

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