How to request a female Uber driver: Step by Step Guide

How to request a female Uber driver

In recent years, safety concerns have become a top priority for many ride-sharing service users. With the rise of platforms like Uber, passengers are increasingly seeking ways to ensure their comfort and security during rides. One such request often made by female passengers is the option to have a female Uber driver. In this detailed guide, we will explore how to request a female Uber driver, the advantages of choosing a female driver, and address common questions and concerns regarding this preference.

People’s curiosity to become an Uber driver has increased in the last few years. Even drivers from other countries are working as drivers in Uber after obtaining an International Driving License. Along with male drivers, female drivers are also applying for jobs in Uber. The reason for this is that at this time female passengers often prefer to hire female Uber drivers.

Overview of Uber’s Safety Features.

Before delving into the specifics of requesting a female Uber driver, it’s essential to understand the safety features implemented by Uber. These features aim to provide a secure and reliable experience for all passengers, regardless of the driver’s gender.

  1. Driver Screenings: Uber conducts comprehensive background checks on all drivers before they can start driving with the platform. Additionally, drivers undergo annual vetting to maintain safety standards.
  2. Safety Tools on Every Trip: Access safety tools with a tap of a button during your ride. These features provide immediate assistance whenever you need it, enhancing your sense of security.
  3. Real-Time Tracking: Every Uber trip is tracked using GPS technology. A dedicated team is available to address any concerns or issues that may arise during your journey.
  4. Code Verification: To ensure that you’re entering the correct vehicle, Uber offers a code verification feature. This additional layer of security adds peace of mind to every trip.
  5. Emergency Assistance: In case of emergencies, you can directly contact the authorities from the app. Your location and trip details are automatically shared, facilitating a swift response.

(( Reference: Information sourced from the official Uber website. For further details, please visit the website. ))

Why Request a Female Uber Driver?

Female passengers returning home at night from their offices or factories often prefer to hire female Uber drivers. This preference stems from their desire to feel comfortable and safe during the journey. Female drivers tend to create a sense of ease and security for female passengers, thereby making them the preferred choice.

Additionally, female drivers usually have a softer demeanour and maintain good behaviour, contributing to a pleasant ride experience. Female passengers feel safer and more at ease when travelling with a female driver. Hence, they prefer their Uber driver to be female.

Can You Request a Female Driver on Uber?

Yes, you can request a female driver on Uber but there is no direct method available for this. There are some indirect methods using which any female passenger can request a female driver. Those female passengers do this because if they want to reach their destination late at night, then a female passenger feels safe and comfortable with the female driver.

Advantages of Female Uber Drivers.

Here are the advantages of female Uber drivers.

  • Less involvement in accidents caused by incorrect overtaking
  • Adherence to speed limits, reducing speeding-related accidents
  • Cautious nature leads to better compliance with traffic rules
  • Female passengers feel more comfortable and secure
  • Consistent prioritization of safety measures like wearing helmets and seatbelts

How to Request a Female Uber Driver: Step-by-Step Process

There isn’t a direct method on Uber to request a female driver when booking a ride. However, considering the safety of female passengers, Uber has launched a new feature through which you can easily request a female Uber driver.

Keeping the safety of both female drivers and passengers in mind, Uber launched a feature in 2022 called the “Women Rider Preference feature“. This feature provides registered female and non-binary drivers with the option to receive ride requests only from female passengers. Although this feature hasn’t been rolled out in all countries yet, it will gradually become available in nearly all countries.

Steps for requesting a female Uber driver.

Following the process we’ve outlined below increases the chances of getting a female Uber driver, especially for those who schedule their rides on Uber. If you book an instant Uber ride, the nearest vehicle will be assigned to you randomly. However, if you schedule your ride a few days in advance, Uber’s automatic system will prioritize female passengers’ requests to female drivers.

Step 1: Open the Uber app on your mobile device. You’ll see several options for booking your ride, such as “Ride”, “Where to”, and “Now”. If you want to book a vehicle instantly, click on “Ride”. If you want to schedule your ride, click on “Now”. You should click on “Now”.

Refer to the photo below for clarification.

Request a Female Uber Driver step 1

Step 2: Once you click on “Now”, you’ll see the option to schedule your ride. You need to fix the date and timing and click on “Set” to proceed.

Refer to the photo below for clarification.

Request a Female Uber Driver step 2

Step 3: After clicking on “Set”, you’ll be prompted to select your location. Select your location and click on “Next”.

Refer to the photo below for clarification.

Request a Female Uber Driver step 3

Step 4: Upon clicking “Next”, you’ll see a map displaying your location, your pickup point, and your destination. Uber provides different types of vehicles and their prices will be visible below. Select your vehicle and click on “Confirm Uber”.

Refer to the photo below for clarification.

Request a Female Uber Driver step 4

Step 5: After clicking on “Confirm Uber”, you need to select your exact pickup location, from where the driver will pick you up. After selecting it, click on “Confirm Pickup”.

Refer to the photo below for clarification.

Request a Female Uber Driver step 5

Step 6: Upon clicking “Confirm Pickup”, Google Maps will open, showing your car’s location and the driver’s details.

Refer to the photo below for clarification.

Request a Female Uber Driver step 6

If your driver is female, click on “Confirm” and then “Next”. If your driver is male, you can cancel and book again. Remember, there’s a time limit for cancelling; if you cancel before that, it’s free, but after confirmation, there may be a charge. Try a couple of times, and you’re likely to get a female driver because of the “Women Rider Preference feature” launched by Uber, which suggests female drivers for female passengers.

By following these simple steps, you can easily request a female Uber driver for yourself.

Can a Woman Request a Female Uber Driver?

Yes, female passengers can request a female Uber driver using the methods outlined above. While Uber does not guarantee the availability of female drivers, passengers can increase their chances by following the recommended steps.

Does Uber Show Female Driver Photos?

On Uber, yes, displays photos of female drivers. When a ride request is made on Uber and any driver accepts it, the app starts showing the driver’s photo, along with their vehicle’s photo and model number. This feature remains consistent regardless of the driver’s gender.

How Males Avoid Getting Female Drivers in Uber.

Currently, Uber does not have any feature that allows male passengers to avoid female drivers specifically. However, since the launch of the “Women Rider Preference” feature by Uber, most male passengers’ requests do not get assigned to female drivers. This feature has not been launched in all countries yet, so its impact may not be significant at the moment. However, in the future, it is likely that more male passengers will be provided with male drivers.


In conclusion, Ensuring safety and comfort during Uber rides is paramount, particularly for female passengers. By understanding the process outlined in this guide, passengers can take proactive steps to request a female driver, enhancing their peace of mind and overall experience. As ride-sharing platforms continue to evolve, it’s essential to stay informed about available safety features and options for a secure journey.


Unfortunately, Uber does not guarantee the availability of female drivers. However, passengers can increase their likelihood by utilizing the strategies outlined in the guide.

No, Uber does not provide driver photos before accepting a ride request.

Cancelling a ride request due to driver preferences will not result in any fees in a limited time period. Passengers can retry the request or explore alternative ride-sharing services to find a female driver.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article serves as a guide for requesting a female Uber driver. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, individual experiences may vary. Uber’s policies and features mentioned are subject to change, and readers are encouraged to refer to Uber’s official guidelines for the most up-to-date information.

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