How to get STEM Degree in BitLife: Send Character into Space

How to get STEM Degree in BitLife

Last updated on January 13th, 2024 at 07:11 pm

BitLife’s latest update brings a new astronaut career path, enabling players to delve into space exploration and enjoy extraterrestrial adventures. To become an astronaut, a key step is obtaining a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) degree. However, players often wonder how to get STEM degree in BitLife.

How to get STEM Degree in BitLife.

Along with this, there is a chance to get many degrees in Bitlife. But after registering for this, the player has to play a good game that is related to education. So, in this article of ours, we explain in detail the whole process of getting a stem degree from Witlife.

Along with this, they also answer some other questions related to this. Some of which we have given below.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is BitLife?
  2. Why Pursue a STEM Degree in BitLife?
  3. STEM Career Opportunities in BitLife.
  4. How to get STEM Degree in BitLife?
  5. Are there specific requirements for obtaining a STEM degree in BitLife?
  6. What career opportunities are available after earning a STEM degree in BitLife?
  7. How long does it take to complete a STEM degree in BitLife?

What is BitLife?

In BitLife, a popular virtual life simulation game, players have the opportunity to pursue various degrees, including STEM degrees. While BitLife does not offer specific degrees or formal education like a real-life educational institution, players can select their character’s major during the university phase of the game.

This allows them to specialize in fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), such as Computer Science, Engineering, Biology, Mathematics, and more.

By choosing a STEM major in BitLife, players can simulate the experience of studying and obtaining a degree in a STEM field. The game may present different scenarios, challenges, and decisions related to academic performance, internships, job searches, and career progression, providing a simulated educational journey for players interested in pursuing a STEM degree within the game’s virtual world.

(( The information has been obtained with the assistance of Qustodio website. ))

Why Pursue a STEM Degree in BitLife?

Opting for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) degree in BitLife is advantageous due to its alignment with real-world demand. Beyond the game, your character, upon earning the STEM degree, can venture into becoming an astronaut, attend a space camp, and even pilot a space shuttle.

In the realm of BitLife, this degree holds substantial significance, offering both challenges and thrilling prospects. However, with our provided guide, navigating and obtaining this degree becomes a feasible and rewarding journey.

STEM Career Opportunities in BitLife.

After earning a STEM degree in BitLife, a wide range of career options becomes available. Players can explore professions such as computer science, engineering, medicine, research, and more. Each career path offers unique challenges, rewards, and opportunities for advancement. By choosing a STEM career, players can enjoy a stimulating and prosperous professional life within the game.

  • Diverse Career Paths: A STEM degree in BitLife unlocks opportunities in computer science, engineering, medicine, research, and more in BitLife game.
  • Unique Challenges and Rewards: Each career path presents distinct challenges, rewards, and chances for advancement, providing a dynamic professional experience.
  • Astronaut Role: The degree allows the character to pursue the challenging role of an Astronaut within the game, a prestigious accomplishment requiring expertise.
  • 2024 Prospects: Successful STEM degree holders can engage in significant roles by 2024, indicating a promising future within the BitLife virtual world.

If you can’t get a STEM degree in bitlife, you can become a bitlife factory worker with just basic education.

How to get STEM Degree in BitLife?

In BitLife, getting a STEM degree is much simpler than the real world, providing a reliable income for your character and family. Here’s a guide on how to achieve this in the game:

Get STEM Degree in BitLife in simple steps:

  1. Choose a Major: When your character reaches university age, select a major related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). Options include Mathematics, Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry.
  2. Complete Primary and High School: Ensure your character successfully completes both primary and high school education.
  3. University Enrollment:  Many universities are available in bitlife game. Find any good information technology university and enroll in it.
  4. Check the University acceptance rate: Just like there are acceptance rates in universities in normal life. Similarly in bitlife also, while taking admission to any university, it has to be seen what is its acceptance rate. You should not apply to the university with the lowest acceptance rate.
  5. Select STEM Major: During university enrollment, pick a STEM major mentioned earlier.
  6. Smart Stats: Boost your character’s Smarts Stat by engaging in activities like “Read A Book” and “Go to the Library” in Activities > Mind & Body.
  7. Graduation: Successfully complete the university degree to officially become a STEM graduate in BitLife.

Are there specific requirements for obtaining a STEM degree in BitLife?

In BitLife, certain colleges or universities may impose specific prerequisites or requirements for STEM programs. These criteria might encompass minimum GPA thresholds, the completion of specific high school courses, or considerations regarding the character’s intelligence level. It becomes crucial to carefully navigate through these prerequisites while steering your character through their educational journey.

Furthermore, familiarity with the gameplay is imperative. Players should already possess an understanding of the game dynamics, the challenges they may encounter, and the strategies required for successful qualification. These aspects are extensively covered in our detailed article.

As of January 2024, if you initiate the application for a STEM degree today, you’ll need to actively engage in the game over the next few days to guide your character through the educational process and successfully obtain the degree.

What career opportunities are available after earning a STEM degree in BitLife?

How to get STEM Degree in BitLife
How to get STEM Degree in BitLife

After earning a STEM degree in BitLife, a plethora of exciting career opportunities await. Here are some examples of the potential career paths within STEM:

Sr. No.SubjectsCareer opportunities
1Computer ScienceWith a degree in computer science, your character can become a software developer, data analyst, cybersecurity expert, or even start their own tech company. They can contribute to the advancement of technology and innovation.
2EngineeringA STEM degree in engineering opens doors to various engineering disciplines, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and more. Your character can design buildings, develop new technologies, or work on infrastructure projects.
3MedicinePursuing a STEM degree in medicine allows your character to become a doctor, surgeon, pharmacist, or medical researcher. They can save lives, diagnose illnesses, and contribute to advancements in medical science.
4ResearchWith a STEM research degree, your character can become a scientific researcher, working in fields like biology, chemistry, physics, or environmental science. They can conduct experiments, make groundbreaking discoveries, and publish influential research papers.
5MathematicsA degree in mathematics can lead to diverse career paths such as actuarial science, data analysis, research, or teaching. Your character can work with numbers, solve complex problems, and make important calculations.

Above are just a few examples, as BitLife offers a range of STEM career options. Encourage your character to explore their interests and strengths to find the most suitable path for their virtual life.

How long does it take to complete a STEM degree in BitLife?

In BitLife, the duration to complete a STEM degree varies depending on the specific educational path you choose. If you opt for a certificate program, it typically takes approximately one in-game year. An associate degree generally spans around two in-game years, while a bachelor’s degree typically requires approximately four in-game years to complete.

The timeframes align with the in-game educational system, providing players with a sense of the commitment required for different levels of STEM education in BitLife.


Obtaining a STEM degree is an essential step towards unlocking the exciting astronaut career path in BitLife. By carefully navigating the academic journey, choosing the right major, engaging in research and internships, and building a network, your character can pave the way for a successful career in space exploration. Embrace the challenges, stay focused, and aim for the stars as you embark on this extraordinary adventure in BitLife.


Obtaining a STEM degree in BitLife can open up numerous career opportunities, often with higher salaries, as STEM fields are in high demand in the job market.

Yes, you have the option to change your major in BitLife. However, keep in mind that switching majors may have implications on your academic progress and career prospects.

While a STEM degree increases your employability, it does not guarantee a job in BitLife. It is essential to build a strong academic profile, gain practical experience, and network effectively to enhance your job prospects.

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(How to get STEM Degree in BitLife)

Disclaimer:  In BitLife, the process of getting a STEM degree is like a made-up game. It’s not meant to be like real school. The jobs and timeframes in the game are just for fun and don’t show how things work in real life. So, when playing, remember it’s all just part of the game, and have fun responsibly.

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