How to find SAT registration number: 5 Best Methods

find SAT registration number

After taking the SAT exam, we must keep our SAT registration number safe. Because we may need the SAT registration number anytime and anywhere. If you don’t have your SAT registration number, you can’t find your SAT score. Due to this, you have to face a lot of inconveniences. Today in this article we will tell you how to find SAT registration number in a few simple steps.

How to find SAT registration number?

The SAT registration number is more than just a string of characters; it’s a gateway to academic opportunities and a pivotal identifier for students embarking on their college admissions journey in the United States.

If we’ve taken multiple SAT exams, we can easily check all our scores in one place on the College Board’s website by logging in with our SAT registration number. That’s why knowing this number is really important. If you forget it, don’t worry. We’ve shared various ways to find it again. Plus, we’ve answered some important questions about the SAT registration number in this article.

Here are a few:

Important Questions.

  • What is the SAT registration number in US?
  • Importance of SAT Registration Number.
  • Can we request a new SAT registration number?
  • How to find SAT registration number?
  • How to find the old SAT registration number?
  • How to check SAT registration number is correct or not?

What is the SAT Registration Number in the US?

The SAT registration number in the United States is a unique identification number assigned to students who apply for the SAT exam. This number serves as their SAT registration number and is essential for logging in to the website to view SAT scores and accessing SAT score data in the future.

Importance of SAT Registration Number.

Importance of SAT Registration Number: The SAT exam requires students in the United States to apply beforehand. Upon application, each student receives a unique identification number known as their SAT registration number. This number serves as a unique identifier for all students applying for the SAT exam across the country.

After verification, students who are sitting for the exam must remember their registration number. Following the exam, this registration number is used to log in to the website and view their SAT scores. Additionally, in the future, if they wish to check their SAT scores, they can use this registration number.

Each student’s SAT registration number is unique, and the College Board securely stores SAT score data associated with these registration numbers. The final SAT score is obtained by combining the Reading SAT score, Writing SAT score, and Math SAT score. To know which SAT registration number is required

This uniqueness is crucial because multiple students may have the same name, but no two students can have the same registration number. Therefore, the SAT registration number holds significant importance for every SAT taker.

Can We Request a New SAT Registration Number?

When we apply for the SAT exam online, we receive a SAT registration number. A unique SAT registration number is generated for each application made for the SAT exam, and this registration number cannot be changed. After the exam, the student must keep this SAT registration number secure. In the future, if they wish to check their SAT score, they can use this SAT registration number to view their score.

If you want to request a new SAT registration number, you can do this before the exam. It is impossible to receive a new SAT registration number after the exam. If you want to change your SAT registration number before the exam, you will need to cancel the application you made for the SAT exam and submit a new application, which will provide you with a new SAT registration number.

(( Reference: This information has been gathered with the assistance of the official College Board website. For further details, you can visit the website for more information. ))

How to Find SAT Registration Number?

There are several ways to find your SAT registration number. You have to choose which method will be best for you according to your situation. Below we have explained in detail various ways to find your SAT registration number.

Students can find their SAT registration number in several ways:

Through Email

When we register for the SAT exam and after the exam our admission ticket is released and we get this ticket after taking the SAT exam. All this information is sent to us by email. So, we have to open our email ID and search well in all three folders: Trash, Spam, and Inbox. Search by typing SAT. If you receive any email related to SAT registration, open that email. Your SAT registration number will be found there.

Through the College Board account

Through this, you can find SAT registration number. However, without an SAT registration number, you may face problems logging into your College Board account. But after some difficulty, you will be able to log in to your College Board account. Then open the SAT section, where all the SAT exams you have given and their details will be shown. There you will also find SAT registration number.

Through the SAT registration ticket

Yes, if you have received the hard copy of the SAT registration ticket during the SAT exam registration or after taking the exam, or you have printed it out. If you have any kind of physical hard copy, it must have been kept in your old documents. Search for it; if you find the registration ticket, your SAT registration number will be found on it.

Contact College Board

Yes, if you want to find SAT registration number, you can contact College Board customer care and you can find SAT registration number. However, to find SAT registration numbers before 2004, you will have to go to their office. Where you will have to provide some additional information, and then you will have to find SAT registration number.

Contact your college and university

Yes, when we take an SAT exam, we have to be admitted to any college or university to take the SAT exam. When our SAT exam is done and our SAT score comes, we take admission to any college or university where we also submit a printout of our SAT score. If after some years you need your SAT registration number which you have lost, you can contact your college or university and easily see your SAT registration number by taking out the printout of the SAT score submitted at the time of admission.

So, these are five ways by which you can find out any new or old SAT registration number.

Find the Old SAT Registration Number
Find the Old SAT Registration Number

How to Find the Old SAT Registration Number?

If you want to find the old SAT score then you will need the old SAT registration number. If a student needs to  retrieve an old SAT registration number, they can follow these two methods:

Through email.

Emails are often a reliable source of information, as they remain in our email accounts over time. Start by logging into your email account associated with the time you took the SAT exam. Then, search for any emails related to the SAT exam. Look for emails from the College Board or any other relevant sources.

Open these emails and carefully check the content. Your old SAT registration number might be mentioned in these emails, typically in confirmation messages or reminders about the exam. If you find an email containing your SAT registration number, make sure to note it down for future reference.

Through Contact College Board.

If you can’t find your old SAT registration number through email, don’t worry; there’s another method you can try. You can contact the College Board directly to inquire about your registration number. Look for the College Board’s customer service contact information on their official website. Once you have the contact details, reach out to them via phone or email.

Explain your situation and ask them about the process for retrieving your old SAT registration number. They might provide you with guidance on how to proceed. In some cases, you may need to visit the College Board’s office in person to search for your old registration number. Be prepared to provide any necessary identification or documentation to verify your identity during this process.

With persistence and patience, you should be able to locate your old SAT registration number using this method.

How to Check If the SAT Registration Number Is Correct or Not?

To verify the correctness of the SAT registration number:

  1. Cross-reference Documents: Compare the registration number on the confirmation email, admission ticket, or online account with the number provided on any other relevant documents.
  2. Contact College Board: If there are doubts about the accuracy of the registration number, contacting the College Board’s customer service for clarification is advisable.


In Conclusion, understanding the SAT registration number is crucial for students navigating their college admissions journey. With various methods outlined for finding and verifying the SAT registration number, students can ensure smooth access to their SAT scores and future SAT-related activities.

If we have taken the SAT exam once and our SAT score is 1000 and we want to improve it to 1200 or our SAT score is 1300 and we want to improve SAT score 1300 to 1500, then we have to retake this exam. But we need our previous SAT registration number here also.


If you lose your SAT registration number, you can retrieve it by accessing your College Board account online or by contacting College Board customer service for assistance.

Generally, the College Board does not issue new registration numbers unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as a documented error or loss of the original number. Contact College Board customer service for guidance in such cases.

It's not recommended to share your SAT registration number with others to maintain the security and integrity of your testing process. Keep this information confidential.

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(How to find SAT registration number?)

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