Howard University acceptance rate: Latest Updates 2024

Howard University acceptance rate

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Howard University, a highly respected university in Washington, D.C., holds significance. If you’re considering applying for the 2024 academic year, understanding the acceptance rate and factors boosting acceptance chances becomes crucial. This article provides detailed information on Howard University acceptance rate, rates for specific programs, and useful tips for improving your chances of admission.

Howard University acceptance rate 2024.

Understanding Howard University’s acceptance rate in 2024 is crucial for applicants. It gives them an idea of how competitive the admissions process is and helps manage expectations. By knowing the acceptance rate, applicants can strategize and enhance their chances of acceptance. It also helps applicants make informed decisions about their college choices.

On our website, New York Universities, we offer information about different careers. In a previous article, we discussed how to become a Sonographer in New York. Now, in this article, we will provide details about Howard University acceptance rate. Additionally, we will address various other questions you may have about Howard University’s acceptance rate.

Some of the questions are given below.

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Howard University Acceptance Rate:

The acceptance rate at Howard University is a vital piece of information for prospective applicants. As of April 2024, the overall acceptance rate stands at approximately 35%. This means that out of every 100 applications received, approximately 35 students are admitted. 

But this acceptance rate depends on many things like if you are from a special category then your chances of getting admission are more and if you are from the general category then your chances of getting admission are less. Similarly, when there is competition, students who qualify for the competition will get admission quickly and those who are unable to qualify for this competition do not get admission. That’s why the acceptance rate of any university depends on many factors.

Howard University transfer acceptance rate.

The normal acceptance rate and transfer acceptance rate usually exhibit a slight difference. The institution calls the rate at which it accepts students applying for direct admission the normal acceptance rate. Conversely, the transfer acceptance rate denotes the rate at which the institution accepts students transferring from another college or community college.

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Howard University has an approximate average acceptance rate of 35%. However, when it comes to the transfer acceptance rate at Howard University, is around 18%. Howard University’s transfer acceptance rate remains roughly the same as Cornell University’s transfer acceptance rate.

Additionally, applicants are generally expected to have a cumulative GPA between 3.5 and 3.7 for admission.

(( Reference: We obtained this information with the assistance of the official website of Campus Reel. For more details, you can visit the website. ))

Howard University acceptance rate.

Improve Your Chances of Getting Accepted to Howard University
Improve Your Chances of Getting Accepted to Howard University

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Accepted to Howard University?

While the admission process at Howard University is competitive, there are several strategies you can employ to enhance your chances of acceptance:

  1. Strong Academic Performance: Focus on achieving excellent grades throughout your high school career. Howard University values academic excellence and places significant weight on your GPA and class rank.
  2. Standardized Test Scores: Prepare diligently for standardized tests like the SAT or ACT. While Howard University has become test-optional in recent years, submitting a strong SAT or ACT score can still work in your favor and demonstrate your academic abilities.
  3. Well-Written Personal Statement: Craft a compelling personal statement that showcases your unique experiences, aspirations, and how Howard University aligns with your educational goals. Use this opportunity to highlight your achievements, the challenges you have overcome, and your passion for your chosen field of study.
  4. Extracurricular Involvement: Participate actively in extracurricular activities, such as clubs, sports, community service, or leadership roles. Demonstrating your engagement outside of the classroom can exhibit your well-roundedness and potential contributions to the Howard University community.

Howard’s Early Action Acceptance Rate:

Harvard University disclosed on Thursday, December 14, that the early acceptance rate for the 2023–24 admissions cycle had climbed to 8.74%, marking a rise from the 7.56% recorded in the previous year. Notably, the proportion of first-generation college students admitted to Harvard’s Class of 2028 saw an increase, reaching 15.5% within the early acceptance pool for the current year.

(( Reference: We obtained this information with the assistance of the website of Forbes. For more details, you can visit the website. ))

Howard University’s Acceptance Rate for International Students:

The acceptance rate for international students at Howard University is quite impressive, ranging between approximately 80% to 90%. Despite the various formalities and admission tests that students from other countries have to undergo. The university’s administration department makes an effort to admit a majority of international students.

Howard University strives to facilitate the admission process for students coming from different countries, reflecting its high acceptance rate for international applicants.

The Law Acceptance Rate at Howard University:

Howard University School of Law is renowned for its commitment to social justice and for producing highly skilled legal professionals. The law school has a competitive acceptance rate, which hovers around 30% to 40. If we look at the record till January 2024, till now the acceptance rate of Forward University is 35%.

To gain admission, prospective law students should focus on maintaining a strong academic record, submitting a well-crafted personal statement, obtaining strong letters of recommendation, and performing well on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

Howard University Acceptance Rate Medical School:

Howard University College of Medicine is a prominent institution for medical education. The acceptance rate is very low for medical schools, making it highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of approximately 3-4%. Admission to medical school requires exceptional academic achievements, a high Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score, meaningful clinical experience, letters of recommendation, and a compelling personal statement highlighting your passion for medicine.

MSW Acceptance Rate Howard University:

For those interested in pursuing a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree at Howard University, it’s important to note that the acceptance rate varies based on the program and applicant pool.

MBA Acceptance Rate Howard University:

Howard University School of Business offers a highly regarded Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The acceptance rate for the MBA program is competitive, typically ranging between 35% and 42%.

To increase your chances of acceptance, it is essential to have a strong academic background, professional work experience, and a competitive GMAT or GRE score. Compelling recommendation letters, and a well-crafted statement of purpose that highlights your career goals and how an MBA from Howard University will contribute to your aspirations.

Howard University Nursing Acceptance Rate:

The acceptance rate for the nursing program at Howard University varies based on the specific program and the number of qualified applicants. Nursing programs tend to be highly competitive due to the increasing demand for skilled nurses.

Prospective nursing students should focus on maintaining a strong academic record, completing relevant prerequisite courses, and obtaining clinical experience or volunteer work in healthcare settings. And submitting a well-prepared application that highlights their passion for nursing and commitment to patient care.

Acceptance Rate Out of State Howard University:

Howard University welcomes applications from students across the United States, regardless of their state of residency. While specific data on the acceptance rate for out-of-state students is not publicly available, it is worth noting that Howard University values diversity and actively seeks students from various geographic locations.

Out-of-state applicants should focus on meeting or exceeding the university’s admission requirements and presenting a compelling application that highlights their unique experiences and perspectives.

Howard University Architecture Acceptance Rate:

The acceptance rate for the architecture program at Howard University varies based on factors such as the number of applicants and available spots. So The acceptance rate for the architecture program at Howard University approx 35%.

Architecture programs are typically competitive, and admission decisions are based on factors such as academic performance, portfolio quality, recommendation letters, and personal statements. To increase your chances of acceptance into Howard University’s architecture program, it is crucial to showcase your creativity, design skills, and passion for architecture through a well-curated portfolio and a compelling application.

Howard University Computer Science Acceptance Rate:

The field of computer science is highly sought after, and the acceptance rate for computer science programs at Howard University can be competitive. While specific data on the acceptance rate for computer science is not publicly available. Applicants should focus on achieving excellent grades in math and science courses, demonstrating proficiency in programming languages, and engaging in relevant extracurricular activities or projects that showcase their passion for computer science.

Howard University Application Deadline 2024:

The deadline for Spring 2024 admission to Howard University has already passed, with the last date being January 3, 2024. However, the deadlines for the Summer 2024 sessions are still pending.

For Summer Session I, the deadline is Monday, May 20, 2024.

For Summer Session II, the deadline is Monday, June 24, 2024.

If you are interested in applying for the Summer 2024 sessions, make sure to submit your application before the respective deadlines mentioned above.

Howard University acceptance rate.

Howard University SAT Requirements 2023
Howard University SAT Requirements 2024

Howard University SAT Requirements 2024:

As of April 2024, for admission to Howard University in 2024, First Time in College students, who have never been admitted to a degree program at Howard University or any other post-secondary institution, are considered.

This category also includes dual enrollment students who have not yet graduated from high school. Howard University employs a holistic admission process, taking into account the student’s secondary school academic record, and standardized college entrance exams (SAT or ACT). Also leadership roles in school and community activities, unique talents and skills, as well as educational objectives.

It is important to note that once an application has been submitted through the Common App, changes are generally not allowed. Therefore, all applicants are strongly advised to thoroughly review their applications before submitting them.

Howard University Admission Requirements for International Students:

International students applying to Howard University must meet specific requirements in addition to the general admission criteria. These may include submitting official transcripts, providing proof of English language proficiency (such as TOEFL or IELTS scores), demonstrating financial support, obtaining a student visa, and fulfilling any country-specific requirements.

International applicants need to review the university’s website or contact the international admissions office for detailed instructions and guidelines.


Securing admission to Howard University requires careful preparation, dedication, and a well-crafted application that highlights your unique qualities and alignment with the university’s values. Understanding the acceptance rates and requirements specific to your desired program can give you a competitive edge. Remember, while acceptance rates provide an overview of the admission process, they can fluctuate from year to year based on various factors.


The acceptance process at Howard University is highly competitive, with a large number of qualified applicants vying for a limited number of spots.

Several factors influence Howard University's acceptance rate, including the number of applicants, the strength of applications, available resources, and the university's enrollment goals.

The acceptance rate at Howard University may vary from year to year, and changes in the applicant pool and university policies can influence these fluctuations.

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Disclaimer: Information in this article on Howard University’s acceptance rates is for guidance. Verify details on the official website for accuracy. Admission is not guaranteed; individual circumstances may vary. Follow Howard University’s official guidelines for the application process.

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