Schools That Accept Spring Transfers In California: In 2024

Schools That Accept Spring Transfers In California

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Choosing to transfer to a different university is a challenging decision. Numerous students opt for a transfer due to factors such as a desire for a different program, proximity to family and friends, or various other reasons. This article provides insights into Schools That Accept Spring Transfers In California.

Schools That Accept Spring Transfers In California

Getting accepted as a first-year student at a university or college is a highly competitive process. It’s more complicated to switch high schools. You may wonder, “What California school accepts spring transfers?” if a move to California is in your future.

In the previous article of our blog New York Universities, we told you which universities are best for BBA in New York. Similarly, today in this article, we will tell you which university accepts spring transfer in California. So friends, let’s start the article.

Before starting the article, let us tell you that many schools in California accept spring transfers. But students wonder what is the process of spring transfer in California. Apart from this, there are other questions related to spring transfer. You will get answers to all those questions in this article. Some of which we have given below.

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What is spring admission in USA?

Usually between January to May spring intakes. Springs transfer means when the student wants to transfer to another University in the spring semester.

Various Californian universities, including UC and CSU campuses, accept spring transfers. There are more than 400 schools in the state. Therefore, verifying with the appropriate authorities whether or not spring transfer is an option is important. However, you should prepare beforehand and do well in school if you want to transfer.

Some students leave during the first two years. Thus, institutions rely on transfer to meet their quota. Therefore, it is improbable that a school with a high retention rate will welcome so many transfers each year.

Just as Cornell University’s transfer acceptance rate remains between 15% to 20%. In this way, the transfer acceptance rate of every university is different. This is why the quantity of transfer students accepted varies from university to university.

How many transfers does UCLA accept?

According to the data from the system, out of the 24,943 transfer students who applied to UCLA for fall 2023, 24%, or 5,961 students, were admitted.

Approximately 145,900 students applied to UCLA as freshmen, and nearly 24,000 students applied as transfers in the autumn of 2023, making UCLA the most applied-to four-year university in the United States.

Schools That Accept Spring Transfers In California.

Documents required for Spring transfer in California

Documents required for Spring transfer in California.

Below is the list of documents required for spring transfer in California. They are as follows:

  • Academic transcript
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Scores obtained in the current University
  • Transferring reason
  • A personal statement
  • ACT or SAT (SAT writing score + SAT reading score )score
  • Resume
  • Reference
  • English proficiency tests such as PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, and others

Schools That Accept Spring Transfers In California

Let’s check which universities provide spring transfer in California

Does Cal Poly accept spring transfers?

Cal Poly Pomona accepts upper-division transfer students, and they must fulfill the application requirements by the end of the spring term before they enter the fall semester and by the end of the summer term before they enter the spring semester. Transfer students must take note that declaring a major is a requirement when submitting their application to Cal Poly Pomona.

The university’s policy indicates that spring transfers are indeed accepted, provided that applicants meet the specified requirements and deadlines. Prospective transfer students should ensure that they have completed the necessary coursework and prerequisites by the designated timelines to be eligible for admission in the spring semester.

(( The details on Cal Poly Pomona’s spring transfer policies were obtained from the official university website ))

Does USC do spring transfers?

USC, the University of Southern California, typically does not accept undergraduate applications for the spring term of an academic year. However, it’s important to note that each year, the university may extend offers to a small number of both freshman and transfer applicants to join the entering spring class.

This means that while the general policy is to admit students for the fall term, there is a limited opportunity for a select number of applicants to start their academic journey at USC in the spring.

Prospective students should be aware that this is not the standard practice and that the majority of undergraduate admissions at USC occur for the fall semester. The availability of spring admission is limited and may vary each year based on the university’s discretion.

(( The details about USC’s policy on spring transfers were obtained from the official University of Southern California website ))

Does Stanford accept spring transfers?

While Stanford University generally states on its official website that it does not offer enrollment offers for the winter and spring quarters, there have been instances of spring transfer admissions observed in special cases.

However, note that this information is not confirmed, and you can obtain more details about the availability of spring transfer admissions at Stanford University from its official website.

Does Harvard accept spring transfers?

Harvard University exclusively accepts transfer students for entry during the fall semester, and it does not admit students for the spring semester. As outlined in the provided information, the transfer application process for Harvard becomes available during the fall of the academic year.

Prospective transfer students aiming to join Harvard are advised to take note of the crucial deadline of March 1, which marks the cutoff for submitting all transfer application materials, including those related to financial aid.

In essence, the university’s transfer admission policy underscores a fall semester intake exclusively, emphasizing the unavailability of spring semester admission opportunities.

Does Berkeley accept transfer students?

Yes, Berkeley does accept transfer students. Many individuals who initiate their academic journey at other institutions opt to transfer to Berkeley, where they discover the ideal environment for their educational goals.

Berkeley attracts transfer students for various reasons, with the most prevalent being its career-focused programs and emphasis on real-world training. The flexibility in scheduling at Berkeley is another factor that contributes to its appeal among transfer students.

If you are considering transferring to Berkeley, it’s advisable to explore the specific transfer admission requirements and procedures outlined by the university.

(( The details about Berkeley College policy on spring transfers were obtained from the official Berkeley College Website ))

Does MIT accept spring transfers?

Yes, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) accepts both spring and fall transfers. The admission deadline for MIT’s spring transfer for the year 2024 is until October 15, 2024. If you are interested in fall transfer admission, you can submit your application by the deadline of March 15, every year.

Applying before this deadline is crucial to be considered for fall transfer admission to MIT. Please verify specific requirements or deadlines directly from MIT’s official admissions resources for the most accurate information, as this information is based on the details provided.

Does UCSD accept spring transfers?

Yes, UC San Diego does accept spring transfers. If you started as a first-year student, you can apply during your third quarter (Spring) for admission in the following Fall. For transfer students who began at UC San Diego, the application period is during the second quarter for admission in the upcoming Spring semester.

Does UCSB accept spring transfers?

UCSB solely admits students for the fall term, and prospective applicants can begin the application process by filling out and submitting a UC application on the University of California’s admissions website within the specified submission period. However, it’s crucial to be aware that UCSB does not accept applications for spring transfers.

Schools That Accept Spring Transfers In California
Schools That Accept Spring Transfers In California


The spring transfer option is not available at all California schools. However, a few of them do, and you can readily tell which ones they are by visiting their websites. You should start preparing for a transfer during your first year if that is your goal.



Whether or whether the schools you're most interested in attending accept spring transfers may determine whether you transfer in the spring or the fall. The transfer application process for the spring semester may feel more convoluted than the fall semester's.

The grades and credits a student achieves during their time at another university are considered when deciding on a transfer. Letters of Recommendation may sway the admissions committee's judgement if a student is unsure about acceptance.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this article is for general purposes only. It is advisable to verify details and seek professional advice if needed.

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