Does Duolingo have ASL? Know Compatibility and Alternatives

Does Duolingo have ASL

Many people wonder if they can learn ASL on Duolingo, just like they can learn other languages. Duolingo is a popular language learning platform known for its easy-to-use app and interactive lessons. This leaves some users curious to know, ‘Does Duolingo have ASL? In this article. However, currently, Duolingo does not offer ASL courses, we’ll explore the information about the availability of ASL courses on Duolingo and discuss alternative options for learning ASL.

Does Duolingo have ASL? Complete Guide

People mostly want to learn languages from Duolingo because Duolingo teaches different types of languages in a very interesting way. From time to time, different types of challenges also come in it which provide good practice like the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge etc.

So, let us inform you in this article whether Duolingo have ASL or not. If ASL is not available in Duolingo, what are the alternatives you can use to learn ASL? Apart from this, it will answer almost all the questions related to Duolingo and the ASL language. Some of which we have written below.

Covered Questions.

  • Does Duolingo have ASL?
  • Is there any other version of Duolingo for ASL?
  • Can we learn ASL on Duolingo?
  • How to learn ASL on Duolingo?
  • Will Duolingo add ASL?
  • What is the best way to learn ASL?
  • Do any language apps teach ASL?
  • ASL app like Duolingo.

Does Duolingo have ASL?

No, Duolingo does not offer American Sign Language (ASL) courses. ASL is a visual language that cannot be learned by reading or listening. It is a language for people who cannot hear. Duolingo has not yet added ASL to its courses because learning sign languages is a complex process, often requiring the guidance of a teacher.

Due to this complexity and the need for personalized instruction, Duolingo has not included ASL in its language offerings.

Is There Any Other Version of Duolingo for ASL?

No, Duolingo does not currently support any version of American Sign Language (ASL) as the software has not yet been programmed to support sign languages. Over the past several years, Duolingo has regularly updated its software and offerings. However, at no point has Duolingo introduced support for sign languages.

Can we Learn ASL on Duolingo?

While Duolingo doesn’t offer American Sign Language (ASL) courses, we cannot learn ASL on Duolingo. It serves as a prominent language learning platform where one can acquire a solid foundation in various languages. Although ASL isn’t available on Duolingo, learners interested in American Sign Language can still benefit from the platform by mastering similar languages, thereby gaining valuable skills that can facilitate their ASL learning journey in the future.

How to Learn ASL on Duolingo?

If you’re interested in learning ASL through Duolingo, you’re thinking in the right direction. Duolingo indeed teaches languages in interesting ways. However, it’s important to note that ASL is not currently available on Duolingo.

Nevertheless, there are other apps with similar functionality, such as Lingvano, available in the market. Through these apps, you can learn ASL like Duolingo’s style.

Will Duolingo Add ASL?

Duolingo launched its private beta version in 2011 and made it publicly available in 2012. Since then, Duolingo has regularly updated its platform and added numerous languages.

Apart from this, later in 2021, They also announced their Duolingo Family Plan in which you can get the premium version of Duolingo at a very cheap price.

However, there has been no update or official announcement from Duolingo regarding the addition of American Sign Language (ASL) to its language repertoire.

It is challenging to predict whether Duolingo will ever incorporate ASL into its language offerings. We believe that Duolingo is unlikely to add ASL for several reasons. ASL is not a conventional spoken language; it requires a significant time commitment and effort to learn. Moreover, teaching ASL effectively typically necessitates specialized instruction from qualified instructors.

Given these considerations, it seems improbable that Duolingo will prioritize adding ASL to its platform soon.

What Is the Best Way to Learn ASL?

The most effective approach to learning American Sign Language (ASL) is to engage with a qualified and experienced instructor. By learning from a professional with expertise in ASL, individuals can grasp the language efficiently and effectively in a relatively short period.

Additionally, there are several other accessible avenues through which one can learn ASL with ease. These include:

  1. Signlanguage101: This platform provides comprehensive resources and tutorials for learning ASL.
  2. Lingvano app: Utilizing apps like Lingvano can offer interactive lessons and exercises to enhance ASL proficiency.
  3. Take Sign Language Classes: Enrolling in formal sign language classes conducted by reputable institutions or organizations can provide structured learning opportunities.
  4. ASLinteractive: Websites like ASLinteractive offer interactive learning materials, quizzes, and activities to reinforce ASL skills.
  5. Take Online Lessons: Many online platforms offer ASL courses taught by experienced instructors, allowing learners to study at their own pace and convenience.
  6. Learn Watching Videos: Watching videos featuring ASL conversations, tutorials, and demonstrations can be a valuable supplementary learning method.
  7. Get a Sign Language Tutor: Working with a personal ASL tutor can provide tailored instruction and personalized feedback to accelerate learning.

Do Any Language Apps Teach ASL?

Several language-learning apps are available that teach American Sign Language (ASL) alongside professional apps. However, before learning ASL through any app, it’s crucial to thoroughly check the app’s rating and reviews. Trusting any app blindly is not advisable. It’s essential to first check its reviews and ratings to determine its usefulness. After that, we can proceed to use any app. Below, we have provided details about some such apps:

Does Duolingo have ASL

App Name
The ASL App
ASL Dictionary
ASL Sign Language Pocket Sign
ASL Coach
ASL American Sign Language
Marlee Signs

These apps offer a variety of resources and lessons for learning ASL, catering to different learning styles and preferences.

ASL App Like Duolingo:

“InterSign ASL” and “Lingvano” are two apps that resemble Duolingo to some extent. While the interfaces of these two apps differ from each other, both apps match Duolingo in terms of functionality. Similar to Duolingo, these apps also present periodic challenges, which help enhance your practice.

Therefore, if you want to learn ASL (American Sign Language) like Duolingo, you don’t need to worry because ASL is not available on Duolingo. However, you can learn ASL from these two apps, which resemble Duolingo in appearance.


While Duolingo does not currently offer American Sign Language (ASL) courses, there are alternative resources and apps available for learning ASL effectively. Despite the absence of ASL on Duolingo, individuals interested in mastering sign language can explore various platforms tailored to their learning needs.


Duolingo does not offer specific courses for sign languages, including ASL, at this time.

As of now, Duolingo does not provide a dedicated course for learning ASL.

No, Duolingo does not teach ASL, as it primarily focuses on spoken and written languages.

There is no official information available regarding when or if Duolingo will introduce ASL courses on its platform. I think it's impossible.

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