Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge: A Complete Guide for 2024

Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge

Last updated on April 9th, 2024 at 06:49 pm

Duolingo is a platform that helps you learn many different languages in interesting ways. One of these interesting ways is the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge. This guide will explain everything you need to know about this cool feature.

Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge: A Complete Guide

The free version of the Duolingo language learning platform is also available to everyone. Along with this, if someone wants a premium Duolingo plan, then the Duolingo Single Premium Plan and Duolingo Family Plan are also available for him. The Duolingo Family Plan allows six members to use premium Duolingo simultaneously at a very cheap rate.

There are more than 40 languages available on the Duolingo language learning platform, which you can learn from basic to advanced in a very interesting way. This is the reason why the popularity of the Duolingo language learning platform is increasing in 2024. Today in this article, we are going to discuss in detail about Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge, an advanced feature of Duolingo. And we will answer almost all types of questions related to it, some of which we have written below.

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What is a Ramp Up Challenge in Duolingo?

Duolingo is a language learning platform where users can learn various languages in interactive ways. During the process of learning a language on Duolingo, users may get the option of a Ramp Up Challenge in their Duolingo account on the Android or iOS version.

This challenge presents users with a set of questions that they must answer within a fixed time frame. It serves as an exercise to evaluate the user’s language learning progress. The Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge is somewhat similar to the Duolingo English Test.

Completing the Ramp Up Challenge allows users to assess whether their language learning is on track. Moreover, upon completing the challenge, users earn up to 40 XP, which contributes to their overall progress on Duolingo.

In the Ramp Up Challenge, users are presented with images and are required to click on the correct answers corresponding to those images. Additionally, there are voice recordings that users must listen to and quickly click on the correct text. This activity not only boosts users’ language learning but also provides valuable practice to reinforce their language skills.

Where is the Ramp Up Challenge in Duolingo?

The Ramp Up Challenge is found in the League tab in Duolingo. It can have many colours, it depends on the theme of your mobile and the levels of the users. If you use Duolingo on your mobile and want to complete the Ramp Up Challenge, then by following the steps given below you can know where the Ramp Up Challenge is in Duolingo.

Step 1- First of all, open your mobile screen and click on the light green Duolingo icon. As shown in the photo below.

Where is the Ramp Up Challenge in Duolingo step 1

Step 2- In the second step you have to scroll left or right on the League tab of the Duolingo app. There you will see a logo that looks like a hexagon. On which there will be a mark like a bird’s feather. You have to click on it. As shown in the photo below.

Where is the Ramp Up Challenge in Duolingo step 1

The colours of the ramp-up challenge icons given above can be different depending on the levels of the user and the themes of the mobile, such as purple colour, sky blue colour or light red colour.

Step 3- In the third step, as soon as you click on the Ramp Up Challenge button, the options of Ramp Up Challenge will start appearing in front of you. In which you will see different levels. You can get 12 XP to 40 XP for completing each level.

How Does the Ramp Up Challenge Work?

Duolingo is a language learning platform utilized worldwide, offering instruction in over 40 languages, but it does not offer American Sign Language (ASL). Duolingo employs an engaging approach to teaching languages, ranging from basic to advanced levels. As users engage in learning any language on Duolingo, they are periodically presented with challenges to increase their proficiency level.

(( Reference: This information has been gathered with the assistance of Duolingo’s official website. For further details, you can visit the website. ))

These challenges not only assess the extent to which users have mastered the language but also provide practice opportunities. Alongside practice, users earn experience points, which contribute to their overall progress.

One such challenge on Duolingo is the Ramp Up Challenge, comprising quick one-minute exercises. These exercises blend various types of questions to form a complete exercise, with each question offering experience points ranging from five to forty.

While not all languages may have the Ramp Up Challenge available, it is accessible in most languages. Functioning akin to an exam, the Ramp Up Challenge compiles questions from the syllabus based on the user’s language proficiency level. This comprehensive exercise, known as the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge, serves as a dynamic assessment tool, helping users gauge their language proficiency across different aspects of the language curriculum.

How to Do a Ramp-Up Challenge in Duolingo?

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To do a Ramp Up Challenge in Duolingo, you don’t need to do anything special. Simply open the Duolingo app on your mobile device and check your league tab. If you see the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge icon there, click on it, and then click on “Start Ramp Up Challenge.” Once the Ramp Up Challenge starts, questions will come one after another, and you’ll need to answer all of them.

After completing each question, your exercise is considered complete. You earn experience points based on the number of correct answers you provide.

Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge

What Does XP Mean in Duolingo?

XP stands for Experience Points and is earned by completing lessons, practice sessions, and participating in challenges like the Ramp Up Challenge. It’s a measure of your progress and proficiency in the language.

Earning Experience Points (XP) in Duolingo.

To earn experience points (XP) on Duolingo while learning any language, you’ll encounter various practice sessions and challenges integrated into the language learning platform. These challenges are designed to make your learning experience more engaging and interactive. After completing each challenge and answering the questions correctly, you earn a certain amount of experience points for each question.

These points are credited to your Duolingo account as you progress. This process of earning experience points on Duolingo is referred to as “Duolingo Experience Points (XP) earning.”

How to Ramp Up Challenges in League Tab Duolingo?

To ramp up challenges in the League tab of the Duolingo app, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll left or right on the League tab until you find a logo resembling a hexagon.
  2. Look for a mark resembling a bird’s feather on the hexagon logo.
  3. Click on the hexagon logo with the bird’s feather mark.

Please note that the colours of the ramp-up challenge icons may vary depending on the user’s levels and the themes of the mobile device. These colours could include purple, sky blue, or light red.

How to Fix Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge Bugs?

If you encounter bugs while using the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge, you can report them through various methods. Firstly, you can report bugs directly from the settings page within the app. Alternatively, if you have enabled the “shake to report” feature in the in-app settings, you can shake your phone and follow the steps provided in the resulting pop-up window to report the bug.

Additionally, you have the option to report bugs on the web by visiting the following link: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. By utilizing these methods, you can effectively communicate any issues you encounter with the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge to the platform’s support team for resolution.

What if the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge Not Working?

If the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge is not working properly, start by double-checking your internet connection and app settings. If the issue persists, consider reinstalling the app or contacting Duolingo support for assistance.

What if XP Ramp Up Challenge Duolingo Disappeared?

if you don’t see the option for the Ramp Up Challenge in your Duolingo account, reach out to Duolingo customer support to confirm if the language you are learning is supported for the Ramp Up Challenge. It’s important to note that the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge may not be available for every user and typically appears on your Duolingo interface after a fixed period.


In conclusion, the Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge presents an exciting opportunity for language learners to enhance their proficiency. With engaging exercises and quick assessments, users can track their progress effectively. By incorporating the Ramp Up Challenge into their Duolingo experience, learners can accelerate their language learning journey and achieve their goals more efficiently.


Absolutely! The Ramp Up Challenge caters to learners of all levels, including beginners. It's a great way to kickstart your language-learning journey and track your progress over time.

The Ramp Up Challenge may appear intermittently throughout the week, typically more frequently towards the end of the week as the leagues near completion. Keep checking back regularly for its availability.

No worries! You can pause and resume the Ramp Up Challenge at your convenience. Just make sure to finish it within the allotted time frame to earn your XP.

While there are no direct rewards for completing the Ramp Up Challenge, you'll earn XP that contributes to your overall progress and may help you advance in the leagues.

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(Duolingo Ramp Up Challenge: A Complete Guide)

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Readers are advised to consult with language learning experts or professionals before implementing any strategies or making decisions based on the content of this article.

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