Good Duolingo score for IVY League Colleges: Latest Update

Good Duolingo score for IVY League

Last updated on April 9th, 2024 at 06:54 pm

In the competitive landscape of Ivy League admissions, demonstrating proficiency in a second language can significantly bolster your application. One increasingly popular way to showcase language skills is through the Duolingo English Test. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of a good Duolingo score for Ivy League acceptance, understand the requirements of Ivy League colleges in the USA, and provide actionable tips to maximize your Duolingo performance in 2024.

Good Duolingo score for IVY League.

To get admission to Ivy League colleges, you need different types of scores like SAT scores, Duolingo scores, and ACT scores. We have already told you about what SAT scores are and how much the perfect ACT score should be in our previous articles. In this detailed article, we will discuss Duolingo scores in depth.

If you want to get admission to any Ivy League college in 2024, stay tuned till the end of this article. In this article, we will answer many important questions related to Duolingo scores accepted by Ivy League colleges, some of which we have provided below.

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IVY League Colleges in the USA:

The Ivy League is a group of eight top-notch colleges known for their outstanding education and strict admission rules. These colleges are Harvard, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Brown, and Dartmouth. Each college has its own way of doing things and specific requirements, including language skills.

Duolingo Score Requirements for Ivy League Admission:

In the United States, there are 8 Ivy League colleges where admission is quite challenging. Some of the top Ivy League colleges are located in New York. Each Ivy League college has its own admission process, so each college accepts different Duolingo scores.

However, if we combine the admission requirements for undergraduate and master’s programs at all eight Ivy League colleges, an average Duolingo score accepted falls between 110 and 130. This score may vary slightly each year because the competition level for admission to any college differs annually.

Duolingo score required for masters in the USA.

In the United States, the average required Duolingo score for master’s programs in colleges ranges from 105 to 125. If your Duolingo score is above 125, it is considered good. Each university in the United States accepts Duolingo scores based on its acceptance rate. Every university has its own admission criteria, which is why each university has its own accepted Duolingo score.

People use the Duolingo language learning platform to get a good Duolingo score in the US. They purchase the Duolingo Family Plan to reduce its cost. This helps them prepare and get a good Duolingo score. However, there is a problem with the Duolingo language learning platform that it does not teach ASL language.

Does Ivy League Accept Duolingo?

Yes, Ivy League universities do accept Duolingo scores for admission consideration. However, the acceptance of Duolingo scores may vary by institution and program. Let’s delve into the acceptance policies of some prominent Ivy League universities:

Does Harvard University accept Duolingo?

Yes, Harvard accepts Duolingo scores as part of its application process.

Does Columbia University accept Duolingo?

Yes, Columbia University accepts Duolingo for admissions. Applicants need to achieve a score between 130 to 140 on the current version of the DET. However, it’s essential to ensure that your score is reported directly to Columbia Admissions.

Additionally, Columbia University also accepts online results from the IELTS Indicator. For more information on the DET and other accepted examinations, applicants are advised to visit the Duolingo English Test website.

Does Yale University accept Duolingo?

Yes, Yale University accepts Duolingo scores for demonstrating English proficiency. Among the universities that accept Duolingo in the USA, Yale University is one of them. You can submit your Duolingo Test score to this university, although it may not be mandatory for all courses.

Does Princeton University accept Duolingo?

Princeton University does not accept the Duolingo English Test. Instead, if English is not your native language and you are studying in a school where English is not the language of instruction, you must take either the TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic).

Does Cornell University accept Duolingo?

Cornell University does not accept the Duolingo Test as an English Language Proficiency exam. They expect applicants to take an in-person test whenever possible, but if that’s not feasible, they may consider an online or at-home version.

However, they specifically mention that they do not accept exams like Pearson or Duolingo DET. Therefore, if you’re applying to Cornell University, you’ll need to consider other English proficiency exams that they do accept.

Does Brown University accept Duolingo?

Yes, Brown University accepts the Duolingo English Test score. In addition to the Duolingo English Test, the university also accepts TOEFL and IELTS scores. Therefore, students can submit scores from any of these tests to Brown University.

Does Dartmouth College accept Duolingo?

Yes, Dartmouth College does accept Duolingo scores as a demonstration of English proficiency. However, if an applicant has not qualified for the Duolingo English Test, they can also submit TOEFL or IELTS scores to Dartmouth University.

Good Duolingo score for IVY League colleges.

Generally, a Duolingo score between 105 and 125 is considered sufficient for admission to Ivy League colleges. However, if your score is above 125, it can be a significant positive factor for your application. Additionally, if you want detailed information about Duolingo score acceptance rates at Ivy League colleges separately, we have provided that below.

Good Duolingo score for Harvard.

Sometimes, situations arise where a Duolingo score of around 120 is accepted at Harvard University, but the minimum approved score listed on its official website is 125.

((Reference:  This information was obtained from the official website of Harvard Extension School. For further details, please visit the website. ))

Good Duolingo score for Columbia University.

Columbia University considers several factors for admission besides the Duolingo English Test score. However, according to the official website of Columbia University, the best Duolingo English Test score for Columbia University is 135 or higher.

(( Reference: This information was obtained from Columbia University’s official website. For more details, please visit the website. ))

Good Duolingo score for Yale University?

Each year, the acceptance rate for Duolingo scores at Yale University tends to fluctuate slightly during admissions. However, students with an average score of at least 120 on Duolingo are generally able to gain admission to the university.

(( Reference: This information was obtained from the official website of Yale University. For further details, you can visit the website. ))

Good Duolingo score for Brown University?

In comparison to other universities, Brown University demands a slightly higher Duolingo score for admission. While other universities may accept admission with a Duolingo score of 120 or higher, Brown University requires a minimum accepted Duolingo English Test score of 130 or higher.

(( Reference: This information has been gathered from Brown University’s official website. For further details, you can directly visit the website. ))

Good Duolingo score for Dartmouth College?

Previously, about 3 years ago, Dartmouth College used to accept Duolingo scores between 100 and 120. However, as of 2024, it is believed by experts that Dartmouth College now requires a Duolingo score of 130 or higher for admission.

Good Duolingo score for IVY League

Tips to Increase Duolingo Score in 2024:

Achieving a good Duolingo score requires strategic preparation and practice. Here are some tips to help you boost your score:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the test format and question types.
  2. Practice regularly to improve your language skills and speed.
  3. Focus on areas where you need improvement, such as grammar, vocabulary, or comprehension.
  4. Utilize Duolingo’s official practice materials and sample tests.
  5. Consider seeking guidance from tutors or language learning resources.
  6. Take advantage of Duolingo’s adaptive learning features to tailor your practice sessions.
  7. Stay motivated and consistent in your study routine.


A good Duolingo score can enhance your chances of gaining admission to Ivy League universities in the USA. By understanding the requirements of each institution and following the tips provided, you can effectively prepare for the Duolingo English Test and showcase your language proficiency to admissions committees.


You can send your Duolingo scores directly to the universities through the Duolingo website or app.

Duolingo scores are typically valid for two years from the date of the test. However, it's advisable to confirm this with the individual universities as policies may vary.

Yes, Ivy League universities accept Duolingo scores from international applicants as part of the admission process.

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